СиВи (English)

Ing. Ievgen Bondariev

AKA Eugene Bond

Date of birth: 24/03/1979, Kharkov, Ukraine
Current Location: Praha, Czech Rep
Cell phone: +420 776 562 439
Email: eugene.bond@gmail.com

Gender: Male

Nationality: Ukrainian

Marital status: Married


Self-motivated, quick learner, communicative, good leading skills, interested with new knowledges and technologies, ambitious, loyal, web-oriented.

Skilled in PHP, Python, JavaScript, DHTML/CSS, AJAX, RDBMS/SQL/NoSQL, High-Load Web projects managing and support, Project Management, SCRUM (Certified ScrumMaster).


06/2008 - Present

hungryhouse.co.uk Praha, Czech Rep
Industry: Internet/ISPs/Portals/Data Processing
Position: senior developer, project manager, IT development manager
Working role: Development and support main website, design and development backend framework system, tuning and optimizing existing production network structure for good performance within high load, leading IT department, managing developers and SA, defining and agreeing development priorities, system design and architect; Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Perl, nginx, memcache, NoSQL (CouchDB), Sphinx full text search engine, SVN

hungryhouse is the UK’s premier online food ordering portal. Launched in 2006, it was featured on the hit BBC2 show Dragons’ Den in November 2007 – and among 5 finalists for the Yahoo! “Innovative Finds of 2007″ award. Its two founders also received a coveted “BT Essence of the Entrepreneur Award” in January 2010.

11/2005 - 06/2008

1stOmni Praha, Czech Rep
Industry: Internet/ISPs/Portals/Data Processing
Position: senior developer
Working role: Development and support SpirePro Framework, Development numerous sites based on SpirePro Framework; Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Python, SVN

10/2003 - 04/2005

RoyalClub Kiev, Ukraine
Industry: Internet/ISPs/Portals/Data Processing
Position: senior developer, project-manager
Working role: Numerous PHP and Python projects and back-end support of numerous portals:

Project codename - “Spider”. One of the subprojects was “looking and analyzing google news system” (before google-alerts), development and further support of the http://clubgates.com project (PHP + MySQL), development of WAP service for streaming video to the mobile telephones (wap site, web site (currently in development), proxi-sluice used for video-streaming, Python, PHP, MySQL, CVS);

Management of the Spider project (constant gathering of information from various sites and servers) - provision of back-end support for number of information services; monitoring of http://news.google.com system (written in Python)

1/2003 - 10/2003

Confidential Connections Kharkov, Ukraine
Industry: Internet/ISPs/Portals/Data Processing
Position: developer, team-leader
Work role: Web development, web-services development; Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Python

5/2002 - 12/2003

Axis Design Kharkov, Ukraine
Industry: Internet/ISPs/Portals/Data Processing
Position: developer
Work role: Programming web-portals; Technologies used: PHP, MySQL

8/2001 - 3/2002

Art Digital Soft Kharkov, Ukraine
Industry: Internet/ISPs/Portals/Data Processing
Position: junior developer, developer
Work role: Web development; Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Delphi

10/1996 - 8/2001

KTMP Kharkov, Ukraine
Industry: IT- Software Systems & Design
Position: senior developer
Work role: Development of a number of specific engineering calculations software for housebuilding projects (Delphi)


2/2001 Kharkov State Polytechnics University; Kharkov, Ukraine

Master’s Degree in System programming

6/1995 #133; Kharkov, Ukraine

High School or equivalent


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used/Experience
PHP Expert Currently used/10 years
Delphi Intermediate 5 years ago /10 years
VBA (Word, Access, etc) Intermediate 8 years ago/5 years
HTML, DHTML, JavaScript Expert Currently used/11 years
AJAX Expert Currently used /8 years
Java Beginner 11 years ago/2 years
Python Intermediate Periodically used /5 years
MySQL Expert Currently used/10 years
UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD) Advanced Currently used/8 years
MAC OS Advanced Currently used/4 years
PERL Beginner Currently used/3 years
SHELL (bash, sh) Intermediate Currently used/8 years
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Intermediate Currently used/5 years
SCRUM Intermediate Currently used/2 year

3rd International PHP Conference, Moscow, Russia, Sep 2004
Lecture: “Payment systems as is”

4th International PHP Conference, Kiev, Ukraine, May 2005
Masterclass: “Payment systems - it’s easy”


High Load Conference, Moscow, Russia, Apr 2007

Cybersource’s Decision Manager (online payments fraud prevention) training, London 2011


Certified ScrumMaster (Member of Scrum Alliance)


Languages Proficiency Level
English Conversational - Advanced
Russian Native
Czech Intermediate level

Golf, Skiing

Category B